What did Aurangzeb do to his nieces and nephews the sons and daughters of his dead brothers? 

It is important to know the fate of the sons and daughters of Dara, Murad and Shuja.

  • Suleiman Shikoh was arrested brought to the court and given the rare distinction of an interview.
  • It is said that he was promised by Aurangzeb not to be doomed like his father or imprisoned.
  • However he was sent off to the State prison at Gwalior and died there in captivity.
  • On the insistence of Jahanara Begum, Aurangzeb pardoned Dara’s youngest son Siphir Shikoh. He stands out as the only recipient of Aurangzeb’s mercy.

Royal marriages between the grandsons and granddaughters of Shah Jahan.

This is perhaps the only instance where we see an effort undertaken by Aurangzeb to fill the old wounds of despair. He arranged for the marriages between the children of all his dead brothers with his own.

  • Shah Jahan sent the daughter of Dara, Jani begum to Aurangzeb as a trust building measure and Aurangzeb reciprocated by having her married to his son Prince Azam Shah.
  • Aurangzeb had his son Prince Muhammed Akbar marry the daughter of Suleiman Shikoh, Salima Begum.
  • Aurangzeb had his daughter Zubdatunnisa Begum married off to Siphir Shikoh the youngest son of Dara.
  • Aurangzeb had his youngest daughter Mehrunnisa Begum married off to Izid Baksh, the son of Murad Baksh.